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Major Projects and supervisions:

The experience of Sotepa merges with the proper curriculum of its founder and President João Batista Vicelli, civil engineer with specialization in Superstructure Roads and Airports, at Paraná Federal University, professor of the Roads III discipline (Paving) at Santa Catarina Federal University, having coordinated and managed many studies and highway projects in many Brazilian cities, especially in Santa Catarina State Headquarters.

Check out some of the works that have been acting Sotepa:
- Design and Supervision of doubling of the road North BR-101, between Itajai/SC and Tijucas/SC, including the Tunnel of Morro do Boi, whose operational monitoring was done by Sotepa until the granting of the highway.

- Design and Supervision of doubling of the road South BR-101, between Madre River and the Araçatuba river, including the tunnel Morro Agudo, whose operational monitoring is being conducted by Sotepa.

- Design and Supervision of Road System of the Florianópolis/SC three bridges.

- Design and Supervision of the works of dredging the Itajai-Acu River, in Itajai/SC.

- Design and Supervision of Expansion of Macaé Airport, in Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

- Design and Supervision Duplication of SC-401 road, between Itacorubi and Canasvieiras.

- Design of Treatment Plant and Water Distribution Network in the Braço do Norte/SC.

- Preparation of the Plan of Municipal Sanitation of several municipalities in the Santa Catarina state.

- Drainage Project area coal terminal at the Port of Imbituba.

- Feasibility Study Technical Coastal Railroad, connecting the Port of Imbituba/SC at the Port of Sao Francisco do Sul/SC.

- Project for paving and additional works Lane Aeroclub of Florianópolis.

- Supervision of Works in the parking lot of large aircraft taxiway at the Hercílio Luz airport.

- Treatment Project of industrial waste to control Environmental Pollution in Camboriu/SC.

- Technical design of the collection system and treatment of domestic sewage in Balneario Daniela, in Florianópolis/SC.

- Implementation of more than 20,000 meters of percussion and rotary ground surveys.

- Implementation of more than 6,000 square meters of wall tied.